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Requests for Championship / Premiership / Companionship confirmation should be submitted on this official “Claim Form” or facsimile. It must be sent to National Scorer before the opening day of the next show in which the cat is entered OR you may give the form to the Master Clerk at the end of the Show. Owners may transfer their cat to Champion, Premier or Companion with the Master Clerk at the beginning of the next Show without receiving confirmation, but in so doing, fully acknowledge and understand without reservation that NO GRAND POINTS will be allocated from wins at subsequent shows until confirmation of Championship / Premiership /Companionship has been verified by Central Registry. The current fee for Claims is $5.00per title. CERTIFICATES will be issued to confirm wins, after verification, on receipt of Claim Form and appropriate fee.

NOTE: Cats registered with another Cat Registry may enter CATZ Inc. Shows without being registered with CATZ Inc. BUT may only claim wins at these shows, or have points count towards CATZ Inc. titles if registered with CATZ Inc. Within 21 days of the show in respect of which the wins were made. This includes points gained towards National Wins.

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    Direct Banking

    ASB BANK: Catz Incorporated

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 12-3136-0024320-00


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    Please note that if your payment has not got the correct reference and code details your membership/payment will not be able to be confirm and therefore processed and you will need to email proof of payment.

    Sandi Mackay, Ph: 09 483 3032 or email: