CATZ Inc. has reviewed many honours systems, used within New Zealand and overseas. The task was to analyse and identify where specific systems enhanced users confidence, as opposed to where the specific system failed to measure up to popular demand.

Major considerations were to provide:

A system that creates a level playing field for all exhibits, whether previously titled or not.

A system that rewards exhibits for achieving various levels of success.

A system which would allow every cat to gain Championship and Grand Championship independent of other exhibits.

A system, which would ensure that cats which gained titles were deemed worthy of such wins.

A system which would eliminate unnecessary duplication of paperwork and in fact, help to eliminate paper work where possible.

A system which took into consideration the number of exhibits defeated and awarded bonuses for Finals.

A system which did not discriminate between an entire cat, a neutered or spayed cat and a household pet cat.

catz inc basis

The answer was to adopt a POINTS system and to drop the manually intensive Challenge based system.

So in CATZ Inc, each exhibit gains title points both independently of every other exhibit, as well as competitively against other exhibits, being rewarded with a set margin of points for each step in the process, from colour win, to breed win, to final – with bonus points for each level within the finals, and additional points for the number of exhibits defeated.

A specific number of points are required to gain the title of Champion, or its equivalent in Neuter/Spay and Companion Cat show categories. Likewise, a different scale and a higher aggregate is required to fulfil the requirements of Grand Champion or its equivalent and higher.