B Black
Red (sex-linked)
bb Chocolate
blbll Cinnamon
O Red (sex-linked)
These colours are all DD or Dd

D Dense
d Dilute

Dilute version of above

Bdd Blue
bbdd Lilac
blbldd Fawn
Odd Cream (sex-linked)

W White ww non-white

Dm Dilute modifier
Changes Blue, Lilac, Fawn to Caramel and Cream to Apricot

ee Extension gene (Note 1)
Changes Black to Amber

Russet (Note 2)
Changes Seal to Russet

NOTE 1: Formerly known as bm Black Modifier
At present, found only in Norwegian FC
See Amber NFC
NOTE 2: May be related to Extension gene
At present, found only in NZ Burmese
See Russet Burmese


A Agouti aa non-agouti

Ticked Agouti (Note 3)
TK Ticked tk non-ticked

Non-ticked Agouti will show one of the following patterns

Tb non-blotched (Mackerel)
tbtb blotched (Classic)

SP Spotted modifier
Breaks up non-ticked Tabby pattern

I Inhibitor (Silver/Smoke)
i i non-inhibitor (nonSilver/Smoke)

Wb Wideband

Defines depth of silvered hair

C Full Colour
cbcb Sepia
cbcs Mink
cscs Pointed

S White Spotting (Bicolour)

Note 3: Formerly TA to signify Ticked allele on Tabby gene. Now known to be separate gene TK proposed. See Coat Patterns


Cu American Curl (Dominant)

rr Cornish Rex (Recessive)

re Devon Rex (Note 4)

hr Sphynx (Note 4)

Jb Japanese Bobtail (Note 5)

     Kurilian (as Japanese Bobtail)

Lp LaPerm (Dominant)

l l Longhair (Recessive)

M Manx (Dominant)

Mk Munchkin (Dominant)

       Pixiebob (as Manx)

Pd Polydactyl (Dominant)

Fd Scottish Fold (Note 6)

Se Selkirk Rex (Dominant)

Wh Wirehair (Dominant)

NOTE 4: Now known to be different alleles on the same gene See Devon Rex/Sphynx
NOTE 5: Dominant with variable expression
NOTE 6: Incomplete Dominant with variable expression. See Folds