Corporate Service Benefits:

CENTRAL REGISTRY. All registry services from one location.

PAY BY CREDIT CARD. The option to pay for services by Credit Card.

JUDGING PROGRAM, applicants, acceptance into program by majority vote of ALL eligible members of the Judges Guild.

BROADLY BASED Board of Directors, who shall be elected by ballot and meet a MINIMUM of 5 times per year.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS issued to all confirmed members. These cards will also be your voting card at General Meetings.

DIRECT ACCESS for making written submissions to the BOARD of DIRECTORS, no longer is it necessary to go through a club. (except for constitutional remits to the AGM).

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Benefits at the Cat Show:

TITLES won shall be based upon a POINTS SYSTEM, allowing for many cats to accumulate points simultaneously.

TITLES extended to include Household Pets.

NEW TITLES for National winners.

ALL-BREED and SPECIALTY Rings. The more cats in competition means that winners gain more points!

MORE BREEDS recognised for Championship.

ALL POSSIBLE COLOURS allowable within a breed, will have AUTOMATIC Championship Status.


LESS SHOW PERSONNEL REQUIRED. Format only requires a RING CLERK and a CAGE CLEANER for each ring.

CHAMPION & GRAND CHAMPION Certificates shall be issued from the Central Office. No cards to write out on show day.

BENCHING CAGES may be decorated and Cattery Advertising is permitted.

BREEDERS AWARD of EXCELLENCE judge's discretion for Championship/Premiership breeds.

MERIT AWARD at Judges discretion for Household Pet Classes.

ALL COLOURS genetically possible from a breeding shall be registerable. If not a recognized colour for the breed, the cat may still be shown as an AOV (any other Varity).

NEW BREEDS that are not FULLY recognised but have PROVISIONAL recognition may be shown in NB show category Division. New Breeds that are not recognized are shown in the preliminary new breed assessment category division.

NEW FRIENDLY SHOW FORMAT, that allows you to market your cats publicly in a more relaxed and user-friendly environment. An opportunity to celebrate your new Grands openly.

Benefits for your Breeding Programme:

BREED COUNCILS. Only breeders who belong to a Breed Council may vote on changes to Standards.

TITLE SUFFIX for SIRES and DAMS that consistently produce Grand Champion progeny.

LITTER REGISTRATION, recording the number of kittens, followed by INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION. MASTER COPIES provided for you to RETAIN ON FILE.

EXPERIMENTAL REGISTER. License required for specific programs. No deviation from the program allowed.

Add your cattery name as a SUFFIX to any cats name, where cat has been purchased or is co-owned for breeding. or showing.

PREFIXES granted for LIFE. No annual renewal fee.