All applicants to the Judging Program are required to complete a set of Minimum Basic Requirements, as breeders and exhibitors and in official roles at club and show management levels, thereby gaining experience across a wide variety of disciplines.

Upon initial acceptance, all candidates must sign and agree to abide by and uphold the CATZ Inc. Judges Code of Conduct, before beginning their official training. The Code of Conduct is but one small yet significant part of what goes into the making of a successful CATZ Judge.

CATZ Inc. takes every care within its Training Program to ensure that judges who are licenced are of a high calibre, suitable to represent the association both in New Zealand and abroad. This includes planning for judges continuing education, in an environment which provides positive ‘mentoring’ and personal skills development.

Judges are licenced at many levels in accordance with training and experience, either as “Specialty” or “All Breed” judges. For a full breakdown of these levels and what they mean, you are invited to read the Judges Manual, which is available for public viewing in the Catz Library.

If you are interested in applying to the CATZ Inc. Judging Program, please write to:

The Director of Judges, Debbie Davidson 1/20 Hellyers Street, Birkdale, Auckland 0626 or email